Sherri Moore is pleased to be the new owner of the Pueblo West Directory. She is thankful that Carol was willing to entrust her with this business and community service. Carol was the entrepreneur that developed & provided this valuable resource since 1980.

This book has provided needed contact information to individuals and businesses alike for many years. The website now provides easy access to this information when on the go. Many of the contacts can not be found in other directories. Sherri encourages the community to support our local businesses and enjoy the many local public benefits. This quality book is published annual and is mailed to the residents in March. The website is updated often and easy to use. These are very popular information channels for those living in Pueblo West and distict from Pueblo. Anyone may list their personal or business, cell or land number in the White Pages as desired. Advertisments which are often linked to their company websites can be seen on the directory website. Advertisers will also get listings in the Yellow Pages.

Contact the Directory if you want to be listed or are interested in advertising your business.

Pueblo West Directory History:

Carol & Johnny have been publishing the Pueblo West Directory since the 1980’s. In those days, the limited population made it possible for Carol to welcome new members to the community personally. Carol & Johnny have been long time community members and are still happy to welcome new people to the community.

In 1980 Pueblo West, along with the rest of the nation, was beginning to enjoy economic growth after many years of economic problems. More businesses and people were moving into the area. During that time some of our first civic organizations were formed, our first local newspaper call “The Pueblo West Bulletin” was published and mailed monthly. At the same time our first local telephone book; “The Pueblo West City Directory” was published. Most of the advertisers in the book were from the Pueblo area since there were few businesses in Pueblo West. Updating and getting new listings for the book was quiet simple. I looked across the prairie and would see a house being built and I would go by and ask if they wanted to be listed in the Directory. Some didn’t even have telephone service available to them.

Here we are decades down the road and progress has come to Pueblo West. We have grown from a population of 1,500 to over 30,000. We still have a local newspaper but it’s called “The Pueblo West View” and it comes out weekly. Many of the civic organizations are still functioning and The Pueblo West Directory is still going strong.


The district is a quasi-municipal political subdivision. It is governed by a board of directors who are elected by the qualified electors of Pueblo West, and is managed by a District Manager, appointed by them
The district provides those services generally referred to as:

  • Streets and roads – improvements and maintenance
  • Fire protection and emergency medical – response
  • Parks and recreations – operations maintenance and support
  • Water supply, treatment and distribution
  • Sewer (sanitation and wastewater) collection and treatment
  • The necessary administrative activities to operate and coordinate the services to be provided.